Our Frequently Asked Quesions

These common questions, and answers will help to give you a good starting point for hiring a professional tree service.
It's by no means an exhaustive list, so please feel free to give us a call with any additional questions you may have. You can find our contact information here.
A. Any other tree guy most likely does not have an understanding of tree biology and proper pruning procedures and can easily cause more harm than good to your trees. A certified arborist has been trained in all aspects of tree care from safety and climbing techniques to proper pruning and planting procedures. An arborist has a knowledge of tree biology and can recommend the best services to be performed and execute them with excellence.
A. Go to www.isa-arbor.com and use their Arborist Verification to get information on any ISA Certified arbotist. From there you can : Verify by Certification ID Verify by Location (Country, State/Province, City) Verify by Postal Code Verify by Last Name
A. If you call before noon, we can probably be out to your home later that same day, but we usually try to be there within the next 24 hours. Give us a call!
A. Great question with a kind of complex answer. I highly recommend that you check out the Interactive Pruning Guide. It is very cool and will answer this question with excellence.
A. Absolutely not. It is an old practice that research has proven to cause more harm than good. Topping is thought to reduce wind resistance (which is true) and therefore strengthen a tree during a storm. The problem comes when the new growth sprouts out of the stubbed ends of limbs. This new growth grows very rapidly and you end up with a denser, taller canopy within a few short years. Also, the growth is connected to a weak and rotting stubbed end which will eventually fail and is a hazard until that point. That is if the tree does not die soon after topping due to sun scalding and starvation of nutrients due to lack of foliage. It's sad but true. Check out www.isa-arbor.com for more info.